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AHK Shanghai developed this new project in 2015, which is based on the worldwide-funded project "ProRecognition" by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. We offer Chinese professionals in the Greater China who have acquired their professional and vocational degrees, an individual initial recognition consultation for free, and facilitate their way as a specialist to Germany. We will give you all-round information and assist you by the application. During detailed consultation, you will receive a comprehensive overview of your available career opportunities.

ProRecognition international

Legal Validity of Recognition Act
Applications for Recognition
59 Days*
Average Processing Time
Positive Results of Recognition
* the above data originates from the whole Germany

Recognition Act of Federal Government

In Germany there are "regulated professions". For these occupations German and people with foreign nationalities are only allowed to work, if they gained a particular qualification. In Germany, among other professions in areas health and education (e.g. doctor, nurse or teachers) are regulated. It also applies to craft master, when they operate as independent entrepreneurs.

Shortage Occupations

Example Jobs determined by the German Federal Employment Agency as Shortage Occupations

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Frequent Questions

icon Why is recognition of foreign professional qualifications necessary?

If you want to migrate in Germany and seek a job in German labor market which matches your majored professional qualifications, then it is necessary for you to know whether your obtained educational qualifications can be recognized in Germany or if you need an official “recognition of foreign professional qualifications”. If you would like to relocate to Germany from a non-EU country, and if your qualification is non-academic, you will have to have it recognized before taking up employment in Germany. However, recognition of your professional and vocational qualification alone is not sufficient if you would like to work in Germany. Residence Permit, German language, a job which suits to your qualification etc., such questions should also be clarified.

icon Is the recognition procedure also open to academic degrees?

The Recognition Act applies only to academic degrees that qualify for the practising of regulated professions. There is no recognition procedure under the Recognition Act for foreign academic degrees that qualify graduates for practising a non-regulated profession. Graduates of these degree courses can have their academic degree assessed by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) and otherwise are free to apply directly for jobs on the German employment market.

icon How long does the recognition process take and how much will the recognition procedure cost?

With effect from 1 December 2012, if all documents are complete, the process should obey the law and is not allowed to take longer than 3 months. Experience has shown that fees range from 100 to 600 Euros. Additional charges usually arise in the course of the approval process, for example for documents, translations, notarizations, travel expenses or language courses. The exact costs depend on the individual case.

icon What does reference profession mean?

An assessment of equivalence is carried out during the recognition process, comparing the foreign qualification with the corresponding German qualification (reference profession). The German reference profession must be specified in the application for assessment of equivalence. Determining a reference profession is decisive for the success credential by competent authorities.

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